Mahayana Study Group – Jan15 2018

The 8 Consciousnesses

At our January 15th Study Group Herb Ferris talks on The 8 Consciousnesses.

The ‘consciousnesses’ go beyond the 5 senses, the 5 sense objects, and the 5 sense consciousnesses. Hold onto your hat for this one.

Here, verbatim, is what Herb sent me referring to a recent talk he gave:

People came through the ice and snow. There was a wonderful moment after we started sitting — a knock at the door. (A door had gotten locked)

I had said I’d talk about the obstacles and antidotes, which I did briefly, but as I was studying those in 1979, I went back to 73 and 74 because there is a lot about vipashyana. Amazing question and answers.

We talked about the actual experience of practice. Quite hard to do.  It seemed to me to follow the prajna chapter.

I’d like to continue next week with the 8 consciousnesses. Really from the same follow up of prajna. Going backward to 1973 but maybe with a different understanding.

Day of Meditation February 16 – Hold the Date!

We are all but confirmed for A DAY-LONG SIT CO-LEAD BY HERB FERRIS AND GENDO ALLYN FIELD  at Studio Time and Space: 59 Main Street, Springfield, VT

Please Contact Tom for more information